For employers

If you are an employer, you must provide health monitoring for each employee who is at risk of being exposed to asbestos, crystalline silica or other hazardous substances. 

Mobile screening (the Lung Bus)

We offer a one-stop screening service that comes to your work site using our Mobile Respiratory Unit (also called the Lung Bus).

Health monitoring on the Lung Bus includes:

  • an x-ray (if needed)
  • a lung function test
  • a general examination by a doctor.

The results are then checked by a radiologist and a specialist respiratory physician to complete the health monitoring in one go.

The Lung Bus routinely screens for harmful health effects of asbestos and/or crystalline silica. We may also be able to screen for harmful effects of other hazardous chemicals if you speak to us before.

Worker examinations take only 15 minutes and are completely painless. The Lung Bus can examine up to 50 workers daily.

This service to NSW employers and workers is financially subsidised by us.

Benefits to employers
  • a low cost screening service
  • compliance with work health and safety laws
  • minimal disruption to work.
Benefits to workers
  • early detection and referral
  • objective advice and reassurance
  • access to health monitoring records

Screening results are stored by us and confidentiality is assured. 

Book the Lung Bus

Contact the Health Monitoring Coordinator to book or enquire about the Lung Bus.

Telephone: (02) 8223 6600


Further information

Health monitoring is also available at the DDB:

DDB Medical Centre

Level 7, 82 Elizabeth Street

Sydney NSW